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Chassis Completed

19 Jan

Well, the Chassis is complete. Ready for painting in Etch Primer and some Matt Black Killrust. The chassis is 2170mm long. The for outriders will support the Firewall and rear of the cab. These will also be fabricated in steel tube to allow some torsion strength to the body and allowing something solid to attach the body to the chassis. Hopefully the plans from Reallifetoys – Toylander will arrive soon so we can begin the painful task of measuring cutting and building the body.

Chassis Progress

11 Jan

well. I picked up 2 sheets of 18,12 and 6mm MDF. I screwed the 2 x 18mm together to make a big ‘bench’ on my home made wooden saw horses and the MDF was still a bit saggy, so some trusty 65mm Gal steel made it sit nice and flat, but the bench is getting a tad on the tall side. ah well. I made a jig up from some left over timber, measure, scribe, measure, drill, screw, measure and got all the chassis lined up and square. A few tack welds here and there and it was time to weld it up. I was quite impressed with my welds (normally looks like a flock of cocky’s have made a mess, but that’s an aussie saying I guess). Its all ground back, welds painted in Cold Gal for now to stop any rust. I ordered and paid for the toylander plans, which i’ll use to help mock up the front end and side panels and use as a guide for the rear tub. Hopefully these should be here in a few weeks. The New Circular saw arrived so i can start working on the template panels. i think the progress to get the panels todagether will be fast, stalling when its time for the harder stuff like steering, electonrics etc. we’ll see how we go.

Chassis started

5 Jan

Chassis for Toylander LWB 109"

Chassis for Toylander LWB 109"

After carefully pulling measurements from the 50% scale drawing of a SIII 109″ from Google Sketch, I have started cutting the components of the Chassis.

In principle. The main Chassis rails will be made from 40mmx40mmx1.6 RHS. The Chassis Rail length is 2170mm

I have spaced these 310mm apart using 3 lengths of 40×40. One centred to the front avle, one directly below the Firewall and a third at the rare, again above the rear axle. A fourth 50x25RHS piece was placed directly below where the cab rear wall will go.

Without actually seeing any plans (I have ordered a Toylander 2 plans), i have spec’d the following, nothing in concrete, just marks on the chassis rails and carefully placed steel not even tack welded.

70mm gap to start of guard, 230mm for guard arc, further 40mm of guard then A Pillar (which is 25mm) this forms the firewall. I’ll fabricate the firewall with 25×25 RHS for added strength as the doors will be ‘opening’ doors. 460mm for the door and a further 150mm past this for the back wall of the Cab. This again will be 25×25 RHS for added ‘strength’ the rear tub will be a seperate piece of construction to allow for a tray to be mounted later if required.

Project Toylander Commences

5 Jan

Looking for a new project, I decided to build a Toylander. Rather than go the standard method of buying the kit or plans, I’m taking the plunge and just building one from scratch and going solo custom.

Rather than the 88″/90″ variant, I’m basing the dimensions on the Landrover SIII 109″ platform. Being LWB should give the beast a little more room. The draw back will be strength. I’ve got a fair collection of steel in my steel rack left over from other projects so will build a custom steel chassis.

Thus far I have imported a detailed design of a SIII Landrover Stationwagon into Google Sketch. I decided on reducing it down to 50% in size and painstakingly using the tap measure tool, measured up the Landrover and transfering these to ‘paper’. The next step will be to fabricate a set of paper / cardboard templates to mock up the body shell and ensure the size etc will be correct.

I have the plans of the Chasssis drawn up and basically mimic the original Landrover Chassis. Cutting all the peices required will take time, mostly using the trusty hacksaw to ensure a clean cut and tight fit. I plan to have the chassis tack welded within a week. At this stage the plan is to fabricate a rolling Chassis / body and later integrate the Electrics etc. It seems all the parts are available in Ebay etc so should be too much of an issue.

The Body will be fabricated from MDF. Hopfully Moisture Resistant (MR MDF) if I can find it, if not plain old MDF with plenty of sealant / paint. Another ‘aim’ was to make the rear tub removable, with the option down the track to build a flat tray to replace the ‘tub’ making my Toylander more ‘realistic’ I also want working doors and removble guards, thus the importance of a sturdy chassis is paramount. I’ll also fabricate some steel frames for both the Firewall and the panel behind the seat. This should hopefully make the body a little more rigid and not adding too much weight. These will be fabricated from 25x25x1.6 RHS Steel.