Chassis Progress

11 Jan

well. I picked up 2 sheets of 18,12 and 6mm MDF. I screwed the 2 x 18mm together to make a big ‘bench’ on my home made wooden saw horses and the MDF was still a bit saggy, so some trusty 65mm Gal steel made it sit nice and flat, but the bench is getting a tad on the tall side. ah well. I made a jig up from some left over timber, measure, scribe, measure, drill, screw, measure and got all the chassis lined up and square. A few tack welds here and there and it was time to weld it up. I was quite impressed with my welds (normally looks like a flock of cocky’s have made a mess, but that’s an aussie saying I guess). Its all ground back, welds painted in Cold Gal for now to stop any rust. I ordered and paid for the toylander plans, which i’ll use to help mock up the front end and side panels and use as a guide for the rear tub. Hopefully these should be here in a few weeks. The New Circular saw arrived so i can start working on the template panels. i think the progress to get the panels todagether will be fast, stalling when its time for the harder stuff like steering, electonrics etc. we’ll see how we go.

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