Project Toylander Commences

5 Jan

Looking for a new project, I decided to build a Toylander. Rather than go the standard method of buying the kit or plans, I’m taking the plunge and just building one from scratch and going solo custom.

Rather than the 88″/90″ variant, I’m basing the dimensions on the Landrover SIII 109″ platform. Being LWB should give the beast a little more room. The draw back will be strength. I’ve got a fair collection of steel in my steel rack left over from other projects so will build a custom steel chassis.

Thus far I have imported a detailed design of a SIII Landrover Stationwagon into Google Sketch. I decided on reducing it down to 50% in size and painstakingly using the tap measure tool, measured up the Landrover and transfering these to ‘paper’. The next step will be to fabricate a set of paper / cardboard templates to mock up the body shell and ensure the size etc will be correct.

I have the plans of the Chasssis drawn up and basically mimic the original Landrover Chassis. Cutting all the peices required will take time, mostly using the trusty hacksaw to ensure a clean cut and tight fit. I plan to have the chassis tack welded within a week. At this stage the plan is to fabricate a rolling Chassis / body and later integrate the Electrics etc. It seems all the parts are available in Ebay etc so should be too much of an issue.

The Body will be fabricated from MDF. Hopfully Moisture Resistant (MR MDF) if I can find it, if not plain old MDF with plenty of sealant / paint. Another ‘aim’ was to make the rear tub removable, with the option down the track to build a flat tray to replace the ‘tub’ making my Toylander more ‘realistic’ I also want working doors and removble guards, thus the importance of a sturdy chassis is paramount. I’ll also fabricate some steel frames for both the Firewall and the panel behind the seat. This should hopefully make the body a little more rigid and not adding too much weight. These will be fabricated from 25x25x1.6 RHS Steel.

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