Chassis started

5 Jan

Chassis for Toylander LWB 109"

Chassis for Toylander LWB 109"

After carefully pulling measurements from the 50% scale drawing of a SIII 109″ from Google Sketch, I have started cutting the components of the Chassis.

In principle. The main Chassis rails will be made from 40mmx40mmx1.6 RHS. The Chassis Rail length is 2170mm

I have spaced these 310mm apart using 3 lengths of 40×40. One centred to the front avle, one directly below the Firewall and a third at the rare, again above the rear axle. A fourth 50x25RHS piece was placed directly below where the cab rear wall will go.

Without actually seeing any plans (I have ordered a Toylander 2 plans), i have spec’d the following, nothing in concrete, just marks on the chassis rails and carefully placed steel not even tack welded.

70mm gap to start of guard, 230mm for guard arc, further 40mm of guard then A Pillar (which is 25mm) this forms the firewall. I’ll fabricate the firewall with 25×25 RHS for added strength as the doors will be ‘opening’ doors. 460mm for the door and a further 150mm past this for the back wall of the Cab. This again will be 25×25 RHS for added ‘strength’ the rear tub will be a seperate piece of construction to allow for a tray to be mounted later if required.

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